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Proudly Handmade with Care & Ingenuity by American Artisans

Garden Benches by Cindy and Frances Vega

The butterflies are made of mild (flexible) steel, which has been powder coated, zinc primed (primer molecularly migrates to self-heal surface scratches), then bronze coated and lastly, coated with either a verdigris (shown), periwinkle or yellow finish, according to the customer's desire. Delivery takes from 2 - 6 weeks from date of order.

The dragonfly and peacock benches above are new offerings from the Vegas. The dragonfly bench is about 1 1/2 ft. wider and 10" shorter than the butterfly and seats two to three people. All benches are made to withstand exterior climate conditions for up to 75 years. Please call the gallery for more specific information about these new benches.

The Vegas have been creating beautiful outdoor architectural sculptures for several decades. Their works are lasting contributions to the beauty of the American way of life.

The full cost of white glove delivery is included in the general region of Delaware and the metro D.C.-Annapolis -Baltimore-Philadelphia area. Customers should call for exact shipping surcharges per their zip code. White glove delivery is recommended because of the weight and awkwardness of lifting these flexible, large garden sculptures.

Behind the butterfly bench is a butterfly planter. These sit on surfaces or can be hung with fishing line. There are also butterfly garden stakes, the same size as the planter shown.

Please call the Gallery for purchase information.

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