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Music By Secret Garden

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We don't want to dictate to our listeners to what kind of music this is, or what kind of message the music conveys. The idea of a "secret garden" is that every one has their own"
-Rolf Loveland
Songs from a Secret Garden Secret Garden
Songs From a Secret Garden
Somewhere within us all there is a secret garden. A garden in which we can seek refuge when times are rough, or retire to in joy or contemplation. For years I have visited my own secret garden in search of organic harmony and melody. The songs on this CD are some of what I've found.

In 1994 I met an artist who through the soulful simplicity of her instrument gave my songs a voice. She is the famed Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry. Together we have tended the secret garden - and the crop is here for your picking.

Dawn of a New Century Secret Garden
Dawn of a New Century
For over one year we've been working on our third album. We started demoing new songs in November, 1997 in Kristiansand, Norway. Gradually we have developed the production through several periods of recording. Since August we have more or less been working continuously in different studios. The final part of the production took place in Denmark at the end of January 1999.
Dreamcatcher Secret Garden
If Secret Garden was to assemble a "Best of ..." CD, this comes the closest. Originally intended for the UK (a territory where the 1st two CD's were not released), to bring them up to date. It was eventually also released in the USA. The CD contains 18 tracks from Songs from a Secret Garden, White Stones and Dawn of a New Century.
Once in a Red Moon Secret Garden
Once in a Red Moon
Secret Garden's musical ideas are built on organic melodies telling their own stories, simplicity and straight from the heart performances. With our new album "once in a red moon" we wanted to retain these basic elements, but also explore new areas in our musical universe, and challenge our own creative thoughts. During this process we also discovered that this development was a circle - like an orbit in our creative universe taking us around to the intimacy and emotions of where Secret Garden once originated.
White Stones Secret Garden
White Stones
Once upon a time, two children overheard their parents plan to abandon them in a forest, as they could not afford to feed them. But the children cleverly gathered small white stones, and on their journey into the forest, they secretly dropped them onto the ground. At nightfall, left alone, the moon illuminated the white stones, and the reflection became their guiding light. So the fairytale about Hansel and Gretel goes.

Maybe each song on this album can be compared to a white stone? Listen - and let them lead you into your own secret garden.

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