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Best Of Winner American Style Preferred Gallery 2006 Niche Finalist
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Thumbnail Title Medium Image Size Price Status

Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Midnight Magic"Oil on Canvas30" x 20"$7,900 unframed
$8,300 framed
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Symphony in Pinks & Blues"Oil on Canvas16" x 12"$2697 (Unframed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Evening Light"Oil on Canvas14" x 11"$2160 (unframed) $2250 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Ebbing Tide"Oil on Canvas12" x 9"$1800 (unframed)
$2100 (framed)
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Spring Promise"Acrylic on canvas12" x 9"CommissionSOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Timeless, Tameless Tide"Oil on Linen24" x 18"$6050 (unframed) $6400 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Seclusion"Oil on Canvas40" x 16"$9600 (unframed) $10,000 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery" Together"Oil on Canvas12" x 9"$1959SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Silent Sentinel"Oil on Canvas36" x 24"$13800 (unframed) $14400 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Surf's Up at Indian River Inlet"Oil on Canvas16" x 12"$2160 (unframed) $2300 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Come Along With Me..."Oil on Canvas30" x 20"$7900.00 (unframed) $8300 (framed)SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Shadows and Sand"Oil on canvas11" x 14"$2156.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Anticipation"oil on canvas14" x 11"$2560.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Treasure Beaches of the Mid-Atlantic
National best seller, factual history"
Pen, Ink, Watercolor15" x 19"$40000.00Available
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"At Ease"Oil on canvas40" x 16"$11340.00Available
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Love Sings"Pastel16" x 20"$10000.00Available
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Daybreak Over Cape Henlopen"Oil on Canvas48" x 24"$9500.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Strength of Woman Vol. 2 -
The Journey"
Oil on Canvas48" x 36"$24000.00Available*
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Strength of Woman Vol. 1 -
Standing on the Rock"
Oil on Canvas48" x 36"$24000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Strength of Woman Vol. 3 -
No Way Out"
Oil on Canvas40" x 30"$0.00Available
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Strength of Woman Vol. 4 -
Oil on Canvas48" x 40"$24000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Summer Rain"oil on canvas12" x 9"$1900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Memories"Oil on Canvas16" x 16"$3468.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Out of the Mist"Oil on canvas36.5" x17.5"$7900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Our Time"Pastel on Wallis Museum Paper36" x 18"$7200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Rolling Free "Pastel Painting18" x 12"$0.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"...And the Moon Sees Me"Pastel18" x 12"$2800.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Eventide"Oil on canvas14" x 11"$2636.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"The Best Time - Bethany Beach"Oil on canvas24" x 30"$9400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Peace"Oil on canvas36" x 30"$10250.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"* Spirit of the Grey Ghost"Pastel18" x 22"$0.00NFS
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"King of the Safari"Oil on canvas30" x 20"$0.00NFS
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Delaware Gold"Oil on Canvas18" x 18"$4000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Moon over Bethany II"Oil on Canvas10" x 20"$2600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"The Jetty"Oil on Canvas20" x 30"$6670.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"North Side Sunrise"Oil on Canvas12" x 16"$1878.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Sonata"Oil on Canvas11" x 14"$1878.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Enchanted Moment"Oil on Canvas11" x 14"$2062.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Whistling in the Wind"Pen & Ink11" x 14"$1200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Duck & Goose Hunting at Milt Cooper's Bush Island Hunting Club"Oil on Canvas22" x 28"$7500.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Bethany Breakers - Out of the Mist"oil on canvas16" x 12"$2700.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Summer Dreams"Watercolor and Ink24" x 10"$0.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Morning"Oil on Canvas24" x 12"$5000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Backbay Borealis"oil on canvas16" x 20"$4200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Now"pastel on Wallis sanded museum paper27" x 19"$6480.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Silent Night"oil on canvas12" x 9"$0.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Harmony"oil on canvas16" x 12"$2880.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Whispering Reeds"Oil on canvas12" x 9"$1800.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Evening Dunes"Oil on canvas12" x 9"$2090.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Summer Sands"Oil on canvas12" x 9"$0.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Crescendo"Oil on canvas11" x 14"$2569.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Twilight - Rehoboth Beach"Oil on canvas14" x 11"$2636.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Wings of the Morning"Pastel24" x 30"$4600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Moon Over Bethany"Pastel20" x 30"$1900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Atlantic Thunder"Pastel24" x 30"$2400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Tower Shores Vista"Pastel18" x 29"$1500.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Shadows Dancing"Pastel8" x 16"$900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"The Last Watch"Oil on Canvas24" x 36"$6400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Above the Clouds"Oil on Canvas9" x 12"$996.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Frenchman's Creek Cove"Pastel19" x 29"$3300.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Dancing Grasses"Pastel18" x 48"$4600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Midsummer Morning's Dream"Pastel24" x 36"$3400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Morning's First Catch"Oil on Canvas20" x 30"$4200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Race with the Wind"Pastel20" x 30"$1750.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"The Quiet After The Storm"Pastel24" x 36"$4000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Here, Kitty"Pastel12" x 14"$900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Wharton's Cove Sunrise"Watercolor11" x 17"$900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Mom's Purple Sky"Pastel16" x 20"$1200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Sunset over Rehoboth Bay"Pastel18" x 29"$1200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Serenity"Oil on Canvas11" x 14"$1200.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Footprints in the Sand"Pastel11" x 14"$900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Light in the Sky"Pastel15" x 27"$2500.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Moon Rising over over Tower Shores"Pastel40" x 12"$3100.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Merriment"Oil on Canvas11" x 14"$1280.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Summer Days/Happy Sailing"Oil on Canvas9" x 12"$1188.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Gentle Breezes"Pastel18" x 31"$5022.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Patience"Oil on Canvas12" x 24"$3158.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Solitude"Pastel60" x 24"$600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Promise"Oil on Canvas30" x 20"$8000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Morning Star"Watercolor15" x 5"$940.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Wish"Pastel24" x 20"$3325.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Walk on the Beach"Pastel11" x 14"$1280.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Fenwick Island Lighthouse - 1891"Pastel28" x 40"$7990.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Reflection"Oil on Canvas12" x 24"$1600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"A Walk in the Woods"Watercolor17" x 23"$2900.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Never Alone/Together"Pastel20" x 24"$3400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"First Light"Pastel16" x 40"$4400.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Winds of Time"Pastel20" x 30"$4300.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Whatsoever Things Are Lovely"Pastel20" x 20"$2600.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"Nanticoke"Oil on Canvas16" x 20"$5000.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"New Day - Dance of the Dawn"Pastel30" x 48"$8080.00SOLD
Ellen Rice Art Gallery"The Storm"Oil on Canvas24" x 36"$12000.00SOLD

This is not a comprehensive list of Ellen Rice's works, but rather endeavors to show recent sales and availability of her original paintings. Ellen's original works sell rapidly. Many are sold while still in progress. There is an email notification list for those who want to be among the first to view her new originals. To find out if the artist is working on or planning to work on a specific subject, email her. Click Here for Email For more information, visit The Ellen Rice Gallery at 103 Atlantic Ave. , (Rt. 26), Ocean View, DE 19970, or call the gallery at (302) 539-3405 or toll-free outside Delaware: 888-ELL-RICE.
* Spirit of the Grey Ghost is Not For Sale
Available/in progress means that Ellen is working on the piece and a collector may obtain first right of refusal for it by putting a deposit on the unfinished work if so inclined.

Available on secondary market through the gallery means the work was sold to a private collector for whom the gallery is reselling it for personal or investment reasons.

Ellen Rice Gallery
111 Atlantic Ave, Ocean View, DE 19970
(302) 539-3405

We are open all year. Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4.

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